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Win Box Mini ITX Gaming PC - Ryzen 3600 CPU w/Nvidia 1660GTX

Win Box Mini ITX Gaming PC - Ryzen 3600 CPU w/Nvidia 1660GTX

Presenting our flagship Gaming PC. Cultivated at GG Gaming Labs.


A Custom built Gaming PC, fit into a small white "box" (w/RGB LEDs).

This system can be custom tailored to your needs, if you have any requests for hardware/software changes or advice.

Trade Up! Receive a discount for your older or non-working PC, Tablet, or other electronics. Call 707-238-5101 For more details!

The unit is Pre Loaded and ready to go! Delivery, Setup & Training are available!


Custom InWin White Mini ITX Gaming PC Case (also available in black, or pink). 

Genuine AMD Ryzen 3600, 6 Core CPU @ 4.0Ghz (Great Performance for your games!)

16gig DDR4 RAM (Great for multitasking, upgrade to 32gig for $180)

Gigabit Ethernet Port (for broadband/network access)

512gb Ultra Fast Solid State Hard Drive

(Plenty of room for installing several of your favorite gaming titles! Upgrade to 1TB for $90)

Nvidia GTX 1660 Graphics w/6GB Dedicated VRAM (Fantastic for Gaming, Netflix, Hulu, VR and more!)

Also has 3d Stereo Sound w/front and rear audio jacks

The machine is loaded down with a fresh install of Windows 10, Chrome Firefox, Steam, Origin & Office Software

    $1,399.00 Regular Price
    $1,299.00Sale Price
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